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Makeeva Natal'ya Vladimirovna, Candidate of juridical sciences, associate professor, sub-department of state and law theory and political science, Penza State University (Penza, 40 Krasnaya str.),

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The publication contains all-round political-legal analysis of one of the most controversial problem of law life that is the problem of death penalty. The author has revealed the death penalty problem taking into account the peculiarities of the Russian national state model. The article assesses the effectiveness of the death penalty in Russia as a means of general prevention. Analysis of the different points of view can lead to the conclusion of a quite low preventive impact of criminal punishment in general, and the death penalty in particular. Criminal penalties could have a significant impact on crime deterrence only in combination with economic, social and political measures. Assessing the impact of policies on crime, it should be noted that the death penalty acts as the most politicized measures of state coercion. The author proves the political foregone abolition of the death penalty in Russia.

Key words

law modernization, criminal law policy, reluctance of criminality, problem of death penalty, preventive influence of punishment

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